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English and Kurdish lesson

This workshop is held in English and Kurdish. The main target of the lesson is protecting the language culture, practising the Kurdish language and learning the basic English which is necessary everywhere.


The lesson consists of two parts, one part is the learning part, when the children can get new knowledge and dictionary and the other part is the practising part: we are playing games and using the newly learned words and sentences.


We are preparing these lessons together: Ana, Miguel and Anna.

My opinion is, that it is the most important workshop in the foundation now that we have. When we started to teach it I didn't know how it will be happen, which technique can be used, how we can teach two languages in the same time. By the time we have got some routine with the children's habits and with the method.

I like preparing the course, searching for new games and techniques however I'm always afraid of the lesson become boring. For me this type of education is really new and different from that I learned before.

I'm really satisfied when they really like a game but we have to be creative and change the games according to the actual topic.




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