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“Êzîdî Children Produce Their Own Toys” Exhibition Catalogue
“Êzîdî Children Produce Their Own Toys” Exhibition Catalogue 13-17 April 2015 Diyarbakır
Başak Culture and Art Foundation works for children to be accepted as individual with their rights by putting aside race, language, color, sex, age, political or other thoughts, nationality, ethnic and social origin, property, disability, inherent and acquired status and other differences. The foundation aims to increase the respect to 'Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms' of children and society, to protect 'the best interest of the child', to support children to develop their abilities through 'education, culture, art', and to lead them. The foundation does right-based works in order for children to grow up in a fair and free society and also in order to contribute to establish a democratic society for children, and encourages cooperation among organizations.