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According to the projects ‘Local Support Mechanisms in order to Combat Inequalities between Genders in Society and the Violence Against Women’ will be programed seminars by Başak Culture and Art Foundation, with the support and collaboration from European Union and Turkish Delegation.

The project will be implemented by Urfa Women and House Life, and Mersin Sunflower Women associations’ partnership. İn this context, it will last from December 2012 to December 2014 and it will take place in Istanbul (Sancaktepe/Ataşehir), in Urfa (city center) and Mersin (Toroz/Akdeniz) in simultaneous. According to the project will be done house visits, intensive house meetings and civil organs will provide meetings to orientate women for the mechanisms of application to the legal developments and our legal justice.

In this area, specialists joined to these meetings and we reached approximately 600 women. According to the number of application we received and the meetings we have done, every time if it is needed we are available to schedule a seminar. The seminars we provided have as aims to guide the women in their subjects, and as well we are preparing a guidance book, which we expect to reach the maximum number of women.

The first three lives we passed through these seminars

Our first seminar took place on 6th June, at 13 o’clock in the House of Kazım Karabekir Women and Youth House. In the Seminar the lawyer Cevriye Aydın and the psychologist Sevilay Kahveci Düztaş made a presentation. The orientation for women to combat violence and mechanisms of application were provided.

Our second seminar took place on the 7th June at the Pir Sultan Abdal Culture in Ataşehir department at 15 o’clock. By the collaboration of the lawyer Cevriye Aydın and the Social Duty expert Dilber Yıldız, were given to the women the orientation for the combat against violence and subjects about Social legal Justice.

Our third seminar took place on 8th June at the Malatya Kürecikliler Association at 13 o’clock. In this seminar we had the collaboration of the psychologist Leyla Soydinç Women Orientation for kinds of Violence, it was presented a presentation to explain to women how to handle with violence situations and to which institutions they can apply for.

For each three Seminars were made with efficiency. Women got familiar with the violence subject and to distinguish it. However, we look for providing them information about what to do in the situations whose violence is expressed. In the context of our presentation, answers were provided to women’s questions. These works are specifically emphasized women situations, however if the violence was made against boys, were also requested orientation works to combat violence against boys.

We look for inform about regulations and the last law changes by official and trustable institutions. İn spite of this work and the problems found face this environment, many institutions could not provide their help because some women just ask themselves: ‘what can be changed if we apply to institutions?’ The government emphasized in taking responsibility to the real meaning of this matter. For the women who need a crèche for their children these matters were brought. In order to advertise these seminars, previous works were done and for the women who couldn’t come their friends make questions to us as mediators.

The institution, with which we made the seminars, provided us also some more acquaintances and we intercede to plan the seminars together. We plan to collaborate with the projects and make partner works together with Youth house and SHD Women.

In the seminar we made in collaboration with Mustafa Kemal Pir Sultan Abdal association we look for providing consultancy works. Under the supervision of the social duty expert Dilber Yıldız, sessions and psychodrama sessions were planed.

In the final of the seminars made in the Kürecikliler Association, the women all together sang regional Folklore songs. In the summer we will do the 2nd international Helin Başak International Art Festival and we want to give place for them.

Our next seminar will take place on 21st June at the Başak Culture and Art Foundation at 14 o’clock. In collaboration with the psychologist/Psych dramatist Barış Tok relaxing exercises to be relived from the stress were done in this context.


Project Coordinator

Hümeyra Tusun Yeğin

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