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One song, one poem, one tale: Helin!

07th May 2014 Wednesday 21:01


Agire Jiyan'dan Can Yücel'e Helin'in story...

Mehmet Göcekli / Democratic News


If you would like to listen the song Helin from Agire Jiyan click in the link bellow:


The impressive song story about the unsolvable problems according to the Kurdish situation by the band named Koma Agire Jiyan’ın ‘Helin’, took place in Helin Başak with more than 18 years of life.

For years it is being silenced, what should have been talked about using weapons. With beginning on 1994, an armed attack inside a bus, which had come from Ankara to Istanbul, made 2 deaths and a big number of injuries.

One of the mortal victims was Helin Başak Kanat, who was near to the Kurdish movement on the Mesopotamian Cultural Center (MKM) Theater, and she was only 18 years old.

The Helin Kurdish people from Dersim. From the attack the PKK responsible was alleged for what he did.

In the majority of the poems and for those persons who love them, was published a book of Can Yücel in the year of 1995 named: ‘Maaile’. The Turkish meaning is ‘ailece – in family’, or ‘ev halkıyla birlikle – With the house’s folks’.

For Can Yücel the family was very important: his wife, children and grandkids, his father. With this people, he started to love poems and reflect his life to them.

In Can Yücel’s book ‘With my Family’, Şahhanım Kanat wrote in memory of her daughter Helin Başak Kanat a poem.


In the darkness of the night, while a star falls

In the skies while a young girl appears

In the Munzur Coast

A tenuous discomfort came from Mesopotamia

The luminosity of the fog won’t obstruct

The memorial of your humanity, the love of freedom

Good person, honorable Kurdish girl

How can the death be so ugly?

At 29th August, you are 18 young, one life

In our hearts your smile won’t disappear




The mother of Helin Başak, Şahhanım Kanat passed throughout painful days. Afterwards and with a group of volunteers and after lost the child of her dreams, she started to attend those children and youngsters who were victims of forced immigration to follow an artistic path. At 18th March 2003 the İstanbul suburbs that characterize the Kayışdağı surrounded neighborhoods, the Başak Culture and Art Foundation was established and started working to support these children.


Now Başak Culture and Art Foundation aims to help the children and youngsters to improve their potentialities and obtain gains with their participation in the Helin Başak Tale Competition in where the new texts of Turkish and Kurdish Literature will be presented.



During the non-solvable Kurdish problems, the mother, whose daughter was violently pushed away from her life at her 18 years old, founded the Başak Culture and Art Foundation. The Helin Başak Tale competition applications started then.

The gains of the new tales from the Turkish and Kurdish literature that were organized by Başak Culture and Art Foundation, aim to support the social and personal development in order to encourage the children and youngster to show their own potentialities and at the same time, look for improve them.

At the same time, the aim of this competition is to stimulate use of Turkish and Kurmancî in an active way. The participants of Turkish category will be aged between 15-22, and the Kurdish Kurmancî will be aged between 15-30 years old.

All the tales which will be worked for the competition, will not continue in a formal training, those children and youngster who change their living place are privileged above the age limits, that can be more open in these cases.

However, those texts that contain hate in their pronunciation, personal, ethnic, religious groups or cultural humiliation or another kind of language insults will not be considered or even evaluated to this competition.

The Kurdish jury in the competition is constituted by Ferzan Şer, Ömer Dilsoz, Kristin Özbek, Sidar Jır and Veysel Tırpan; and the Turkish jury is composed by Yavuz Ekinci, Nalan Temeltaş, Ayşe Kilimci, Ahmet Büke and Burcu Aktaş.

Until 15th of July the applications will be open and after that the results will be exposed at 1st of September 2014.

For more information of interest about the competition, consult the website:


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