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English and Kurdish workshop

This workshop is held in English and Kurdish. 

The main purpose of the lesson is protecting and practising the Kurdish language and remind them of their culture. These children are talking at home in Kurdish but they can't use their own language in the school. In the daily life, in the social area they are talking in Turkish. Therefore they have a big energy inside that they can't handle and express themselves. It is important to practise and protect their own culture. Another task is learning the basic English considering that it is useful and necessary to know nowadays.


The lesson consists of two parts, one part is the learning part, when the children can get new information and dictionary about the actual topic and the other part is the practising part, when we are playing games and using the newly learned words and sentences.

We have been preparing the workshops step by step.

We have many games to form to the actual theme, we already learned the alphabet and the numbers.


This is a different type of education. This is a communal meeting we can spend time together. During the workshop we are playing  circle games and the focus is on the game, on the communal work which is an enjoyable and important way to learn. We are learning to pay attention to the other people and help to each other.

We are around with fifteen children, we have joung helpers as well, who can talk in English and in Kurdish. We are trying to keep the balance between the English and the Kurdish part and presenting those in a playful way.


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