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Our Children


When I came here I was very young. My hands and my feet were small, but nowadays I am fourteen years old. My birth place is İstanbul and my childhood was in the Başak…

Dicle A.

While the school can provide us knowledge, the Foundation, beside knowledge, gave us culture and entertainment.


In the beginning, I felt ashamed and shy, But after come here more times these things change.


Here, we make drawings and masks. We made songs and played games. We enjoyed meeting new friends. We made cars and rockets.

Berivan G.

Here is a good place and I enjoyed it. We loved it here. Sometimes we feel nervous here but we love here very very much.

Seher E.

For me Başak is very important. My teacher gave us very good lessons and examples. We made drawings and we learned English. I loved Başak Foundation and all the people I met there are very important in my life.


I felt enthusiastic the first time I came here. İ loved it here. I passed through difficulties but my mother helped me. I loved both my teacher and friends. Here there’s a lot I could learn and meet.

Armin Taş

Başak offered a new inspiration to my life.