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Başak Culture and art Foundation (Başak Kültür ve Sanat Vakfı) created in 2002, was designed with the objective of supporting disadvantage children and youngsters by helping them to develop their talents and abolish all barriers between them. In this context, the basis of BSV foundation is to provide different artistic activities in order to our children be able to acquire new competences.


In the year of 2003, the Başak Culture and Art Foundation (BSV) concentrate some of its cultural and artistic works in the city center, with the proposal of characterize the suburb neighborhoods, which surround the district of Kayışdağı in İstanbul.


Our foundation looks for supporting the children and youngsters who live in the city perimeter, to be conscious about the power they can obtain and provide by joining to the local social, cultural, artistic works and events.


It is our goal to provide to our children and youngsters an artistic vision for allowing them to propagate artistic events around several places. According to this perspective, it is our job to offer the possibility for those who have social-economic disadvantages for discovering their own talents, improving their skills and motivating them to produce works.

In BSV foundation academic research and investigation works concerning culture and art are also made, in which each art creator can offer their own contribution and express his/her ideas to the group.

Our foundation aims to come across negative results and attribute to all the works an international perspective, by divulgating different cultures from different backgrounds in the produced arts. This way, our foundation must look for a more specific and open view, in order to deal with cultural and social issues and, at the same time, orienting people during the working time they spend together. 

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